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«Become and stay healthy with Hapkido»

The word “Hapkido” is composed of the following syllables:

HAP (합) means “unite”, “connect” or “attune” and here stands for the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

KI (기) means “life energy” with the three aspects of inner and outer strength (personal radiance and physical fitness) presence of mind mental balance.

DO (도) means “way”, “principle” or “teaching”.

Sin Moo Hapkido is a Korean martial art. It was founded by Dojunim Ji Han-Jae and is basically based on three areas: Foot kicks, hand techniques (levers, throws, etc.) and meditation.

Hapkido is not a combat sport but a martial art and includes many different aspects. The focus is on self-defense and health. The system of self-defense is very effective and can be learned by everyone. The health aspect is central in Hapkido. The movements are always appropriate for the body and the breathing and energy exercises strengthen body and mind.

Hapkido 50Plus

We offer a physical and light self-defense health training. It is based on elements of the Korean martial art Hapkido and is supplemented with Tai-Chi – Qi Gong / meditation / use of everyday objects as weapons, etc… The aim of the training is to increase the agility, fitness, health, and self-confidence of our students. It is designed for women and men 50Plus.


Hapki-Zen is the discipline based on philosophical thoughts. Hapki-Zen is based on two philosophical principles. One is the movement principle, which is based on the movement of the universe (circle, water, harmony) and the other is the energy principle, which is based on the condensed energy from the unity of the human body and mind (thoughts, mind, and body).

“About Sabunim Bruno (Jong-Hyung) Schwaar”

Master Han Jong-Hyung was born in 1966 in Seoul, South Korea. In 1974 he came to Switzerland to live with a couple who gave him the name Bruno Schwaar.

After having a successful squad career with the Zurich Ski Association, he got in touch with Chinese Kung-Fu, Wing Chun at the age of eighteen at a school of Master Austin Goh in Oerlikon. He then moved to Master Chow in Zurich, where he learned Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu, and deepened Wing Chun.

Time later, in search of his Korean roots, he discovered the Hapkido school in Zurich-Wollishofen. At this school he obtained the 2nd Dan and was active for many years as a trainer, also with children and young people. Hapkido remained Master Bruno’s main style, even though he continuously and with great commitment continued his training in various martial arts, including Wing Chun, Kali Eskrima and Arnis, as well as Gracie – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (blue belt), where he also assists Master Franco Vacirca in Basel as an assistant.

During his HKD time, he also came to Haidong Gumdo, the Korean sword fighting, under Master Lee, where he also achieved the black belt. Today, this knowledge also flows into his GHF weapons courses, as part of the complete Korean martial arts.

To learn directly from the source of authentic Hapkido, he also traveled to Korea to study with Grandmaster Han. Grandmaster Han Jung Doo is one of the world’s most renowned experts in Hapkido and Hapki-Zen, which Master Bruno now represents in Switzerland. You can also learn more about the Global Hapkido Federation at the following link.

Call Hapkido: +41 79 470 60 86 (WhatsApp)

Email: info@onedojo.ch

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