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DOJO (Japanese) / DOJANG (Korean) (Training Hall)

The Dojo/Dojang is any place we choose for training. It is not only about physical training, but also mental. In the Dojo, martial arts practitioners must maintain discipline, and show courtesies and respect. The Dojo is a quiet, clean, safe, and solemn environment. We all follow the Dojo etiquette regardless of age, sex, and belt color. We are all one! ONE DOJO!

SHIDO (Teaching)

Teachers of martial arts always encourage others to strive to better themselves and diligently train their minds and bodies, while continuing to further their understanding of the technical principles. Teachers should not allow the focus to be put on winning or losing in competitions, or on technical ability alone. Above all, teachers have a responsibility to set an example as role models.

RENSHU (Training)

When training in martial arts, practitioners must always act with respect and courtesy, adhere to the prescribed fundamentals of the art, and resist the temptation to pursue mere technical skill rather than strive towards the perfect unity of mind, body, and technique.

SHIAI (Competition)

Whether competing in a match, practitioners must externalize the spirit underlying in martial arts. They must always do their best, winning with modesty, accepting defeat gracefully, and constantly exhibiting self-control.

FUKYU (Sharing)

Anyone promoting martial arts must maintain an open-minded and international perspective as they uphold traditional values. They should make efforts to contribute to research and teaching and do their utmost to advance BUDO in every way.

SHOGAI (Budo for a lifetime)

Training together in BUDO (martial arts) and find a way to shape character for life by paying attention to safety and health. Jiu-Jitsu and Hapkido is a “lifestyle” that later generations can learn together.

Franco Vacirca
Jong-Hyung Schwaar
Founders/owners of ONE DOJO Zürich LLC

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